History of the Banten Kingdom

The Banten Kingdom, also known as the Sultanate of Banten, was a powerful Islamic kingdom that existed on the northwest

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History of the Demak Kingdom

The Demak Kingdom was the first Islamic kingdom in Java, Indonesia, which had an important history in the spread of

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Mataram Kuno

History of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom

The Ancient Mataram Kingdom is one of the kingdoms on the island of Java that has a long and influential

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Kutai Martadipura

Historical story of the Kingdom of Kutai Martadipura

The Kutai Martadipura Kingdom is one of the oldest kingdoms that ever existed in the archipelago, located in the East

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History of the Srivijaya Kingdom

The Srivijaya Kingdom was one of the most important and influential maritime kingdoms in the archipelago, especially in the 7th

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Indonesian History

The Rich History of the Indonesian Archipelago

Temples and Historical Structures, Kingdoms and Civilizations, Colonial Period and the Struggle for Independence, Prehistoric Relics, Traditional Culture and Fine Arts, Historical Literature and Manuscripts, Development of Language and Writing, Heroes and Historical Figures, Traditional and Modern Arts, UNESCO Protected Archipelago Heritage,

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